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Permit/ License Renewals

Almost all TABC permits and licenses must be renewed with the state every two years. The TABC has implemented an online service for permit holders to easily renew their licenses and/or permits without having to go into their local TABC office or mail in any paperwork.*

*This service is only available if all the information and ownership for the permit has remained unchanged. If any changes have occurred, you must inform the TABC. Please contact SLL as soon as possible for guidance and assistance on how to move forward with submitting changes to the TABC.



Responsibilities Course

Before a TABC permit or license is issued, the TABC requires at least one of the permit-holding entity’s controlling parties to complete an interview where a TABC Compliance Agent goes over operational dos and don’ts.

Recently, the TABC has created the Responsibilities Course

  • to cut down the wait time for interviews, and

  • to help new permits and licenses issued faster.

The Responsibilities Course is available for permits and licenses that allow for on-premises consumption: Mixed Beverage Permit, Wine and Beer Retailer’s Permit, Beer Retailer’s On-Premise License, and Private Club Registration Permit. A full list of courses available can be found on the TABC website.




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