Do You Need a 60-Day Sign?

One of the first steps to take as you begin the TABC licensing process is to determine whether the TABC will require proof of a 60-Day Sign before they will issue your permit. This sign announces to the public that you are attempting to sell alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption at a location where that has not previously (or recently) happened.   

To figure out if you need a 60-Day Sign, ask the following question:

Has the specific location been permitted by the TABC for on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages within the last 24 months

If the answer is “Yes”, you do not need a 60-Day Sign

If the answer is “No”, you must post a 60-Day Sign for, you guessed it, at least 60 days prior to the issuance of a permit or license.

In most instances, answering this question is an easy task.  Perhaps you know that there was a bar in your location just a few months ago – no 60-Day Sign needed. Perhaps you are building a new location – this will always require a 60-Day Sign. Perhaps the location was permitted by the TABC within the last two years, but only for sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption – the 60-Day Sign is required.

If you don’t know whether your specific location was permitted by the TABC in the past two years for the sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption, here are two easy ways to figure that out: 

Search Online: The TABC has an online public inquiry system that allows you to search all pending, current, suspended, and inactive permits and licenses. As long as you enter the location’s address exactly as the TABC has that address recorded in its database, the public inquiry system will display all permit and license activity at the location.

Contact the TABC: Call your TABC local field office and ask to speak with a TABC licensing specialist.  He or she will research the address for you to determine whether the TABC requires a 60-Day Sign. In our experience, visiting with the TABC directly is the most reliable way to figure out if you need a 60-Day Sign.

Correctly determining whether the TABC requires a 60-Day Sign impacts your ability to plan for when you anticipate the issuance of your permit or license.  Failing to post a 60-Day Sign when required could potentially and unexpectedly add two months to your timeline, severely impacting your start date.

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