As experts understanding the permit process of the TABC, we’re your one-stop shop for acquiring a liquor license. We understand that many businesses find the permit process intimidating due to a lack of information available on the subject. We’re here to bridge the gap between business and the TABC, so nothing holds you back from making your venture a success.

The application process seeks to verify four aspects of your business plan.   

Business Concept: Is it legal to do what you’re wanting to do? The TABC will need to verify the business concept is viable based on local and state laws and regulations.

Ownership: What is the ownership structure of your business? Is it a LLC? Who are the officers? The TABC will need to verify the persons in control of your organization and collect certain information, such as driver's license, social security, date of birth, etc.

Financing: Where’s the money coming from? The TABC will verify the cash flow makes sense and ensure there’s no suspicious activity.

Location: Does the local government allow your business concept at your specific location? Cities and counties regulate where alcoholic beverages can be sold via zoning, building codes, ordinances, and other regulations.  The TABC verifies that the city and county each approves your location for the sale of alcoholic beverages.



The type of alcoholic beverages sold determines the permit or license needed.

TABC prohibits investing in more than one of three tiers: manufacturing, wholesale, retail.

Applications must be first approved by the city, county, and comptroller before being submitted to TABC.

As of August 2018, TABC is reporting an average application processing time of 51 days.

Certain locations must post notice for 60 days prior to permit or license issuance.